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Thoughts On Life

thoughts on life

One constant in life is work, uncertainty, and pain.

It doesn't matter how many huge goals you accomplish,

Doesn't matter how many people you help,

Doesn't matter if you change the world,

There will always be a never-ending train of work, uncertainty, and pain.

We live peacefully and with equanimity in this reality by setting our expectations.

Unencumbered bliss and blind happiness after accomplishing your dreams is an illusion, so how do we adjust?

We adjust by living deeply within the journey we are currently on.

Don't stress about the fact that you may never make it to where you ultimately want to go because in the end, you are going to end up exactly where you should be...

Enjoy your team, the people you have the privilege to work with, to go to war with every day, pour into them with everything you have, hold the line and make them better, enjoy watching them dig deep and grow.

Love your family with everything you have to give, they will be the people with you in the end, they will care very little about your success and power, they will be much more concerned with their memories with you, or lack thereof.

Enjoy your friends, drink beers, rip shots, stay up late, make memories while maintaining discipline.

Don't flap your wings so hard against the wind, lean into the currents let them lift you as you glide down your path.

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