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Thoughts On Growth


The growth that will happen in your life will come from the things you read, the podcasts you listen to, the thoughts and perspectives of the people you meet.

All of that effort you put in to learn and grow will get diluted if you think all of those golden nuggets you expose yourself to will live forever in your mind.

We are humans, we are going to forget things and revert back to the norm.

You will get exponentially more out of the work you do if you have a system to document, organize, and review your thoughts and breakthroughs.

It is great that we are making ourselves better every day by reading and learning but if you have no way to pass that knowledge on to those that matter most to you, your wife, your kids, your team, then what are you really accomplishing?

You are keeping your world small.

There is another level of power in exposing those closest to you to your breakthroughs and having conversations about them.

That wisdom will transfer from your head to the minds of others and then ripple out to their circles as well.

This is how you can change your inner circle,

how you can change your team,

how you can change your community,

how you can impact the world.

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