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Thoughts On Courage and Sacrifice

Thoughts On Courage and Sacrifice

Reflect this Memorial Day Weekend on Courage and Sacrifice.

Courage is not the absence of fear, if you have never felt fear, you would never need courage.  

Courage is acknowledging the fear and making the conscious decision not to yield to it.

Courage is not cowering in the face of adversity.

It is believing in yourself when people tell you you can’t,

It is battling on and digging for hope when the odds of success look grim,

It is being a light for those around you during times of turmoil and uncertainty,

It is living authentically, living fully, holding the line on what you believe in.

Anything worth having,

Worth changing,

Worth doing, requires sacrifice.

You will not reach new levels of highs without the corresponding lows.

Choose to live without courage or the willingness to sacrifice at your own risk.

A life full of certainty, ease, and plenty will turn you soft, weak, and without passion.

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