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Thoughts On Business and Leadership

Thoughts On Business and Leadership

You should always put yourself in a position to take advantage of and capitalize on opportunity.

Stay humble as you do, successfully capitalizing on a specific market or business opportunity does not necessarily make you smart, a good leader, nor does it guarantee that you can do it again.

Look back on these opportunities with deep reflection and tell yourself the truth on how much of it was luck and circumstance vs. you being a business god.

True business and leadership talent shines through when the pressure is on,

When the path is not clear and needs to be forged,

When everybody else is struggling and the tide is going out.

Can you keep it together in tough times?

Do you have the stomach for it?

Do you have that fire in your heart?

Welcome stagnant, difficult times, they force you to get to know yourself at a level deeper than you ever could when money is flying.

Do it once you are lucky, do it twice and you are good.

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