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Life Changes Don't Happen Overnight

If you want different results, start making small tweaks:

Don’t be overwhelmed by the sight of your disastrous pantry… organize one piece of it every time you need to get in there.

Each time you enter a messy room… pick up one thing on the floor and put it where it should be.

Those healthy eating habits… cut down fast food intake to 2 days a month.

That messy vanity… wipe down a piece of it each time you brush your teeth.

That forever growing task list you have been putting off… take one thing off that list and put it on your calendar each time you open it.

That gym routine that you can't get rolling… start with getting 5,000 steps in 1 day a week.

Every time you interact with a chaotic piece of your life, leave it just a little bit better than when you got there.

The power of this paradigm of change is that it takes very little upfront effort, just a slight adjustment on your trajectory in the now makes for a massive impact in the future.

Compound this over a decade and the person you have become, the environment you live in, the way in which you operate, will be unrecognizable.

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