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Thoughts On What Gives You Energy?

whay gives you energy

Two years ago we implemented part of our Alignment Sheet called “Things That Give Me Energy

Here is a small sampling of my list which is about 50 items long:

  • The Fall

  • Solitude

  • Buying workout equipment

  • Being in the woods

  • One of one time with my daughters

  • Control

Some are specific, some vague, some heavy, some light - the importance is the overall picture this list creates when you piece them all together.

Keeping a list of things that give you energy both big and small forces you to stop and smell the roses, it allows you to reflect inward.

A major reason for those feelings of depression and inadequacy are because

we are chasing goals that are not our own,

we are working towards lives we see in instagram that do not exist in realty,

we are comparing ourselves to others who are on completely different paths.

How do we live without regret?

We do the work required to know who we are.

We build on that to vision the authentic life we want for ourselves.

We make decisions based on our core values that will get us there.

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