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Thoughts on Mortality

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

One day soon, we will all be dead.

It doesn't matter how ambitious you are, how many hours you put in each week, or how much wealth you accumulate and leave to your kids.

Our time here is short, one day relatively soon our bodies will be nothing but space dust, everyone you ever knew will be gone along with their memories of you.

Zoom out far enough and there will be no trace of you ever existing.

One perspective on this reality is that it’s a dark and depressing lens to look at our existence.

For me, this concept has always been an energizing feeling of freedom.

It makes every moment I am alive more vibrant and lucid.

It energizes me with feelings of life, drives me to pour all of my authentic self into relationships and work that matters to me.

It clarifies difficult life altering decisions and sheds light on a daunting and unknown future.

It gives me a feeling of being light and relieves the weight of the world that I can sometimes feel on my shoulders.

Mortality meditations can free you from anxiety, jealousy and overwhelm to put you in a place of peace, equanimity, and serenity.

Next time you are in a tough spot, start to lean your life towards things that give you energy and live a life true to yourself. When you examine your existence on this type of scale, living in self-inflicted mental pain just seems silly.


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