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Thoughts on Life

Throughout your entire life people are going to see things differently than you.

Others will operate and make decisions you don’t agree with.

It is not your role to judge them, talk shit about them, or tell them they are wrong… because who is to say that you are right?

Rather than allowing yourself to live in frustration with other people, seek to break through this fog by doing the work to figure out who you are:

What are your personal core values?

Where do you really see yourself in 10 years?

Can you cast your vision above the influence of instagram and comparison to others?

When you find your true North, pin your ears back and hammer towards it.

Shiny objects and distractions will seem to fade into the distance as you get laser focused on the things that matter to you and your team.

Life will start to fall into place.

Once difficult decisions will become clear.

You will be more comfortable to take the path less traveled because you have already made the decision to do so.

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