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Thoughts On Freedom

Freedom comes through discipline and structure.

The idea of doing what you want, when you wantsounds great in theory but in reality, living that way will make you a slave to your impulses, it will make you soft, weak, and sloppy.

Your power will come from keeping promises to yourself,

it will come from accountability,

from having the difficult conversations that nobody else is willing to have,

from destroying ambiguity with absolute clarity,

from showing up no matter how you are feeling that day.

Living this way becomes infectious, the strength you project makes those around you stronger and gives them the courage to start living with accountability and intention.

There is nothing wrong with being the cool guy who goes with the flow and is down for whatever,

but don’t expect greatness,

don’t expect you will have a true and lasting positive impact on others,

don’t expect to exist in the flow of life,

don’t expect to live a life of your choosing,

without discipline.

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