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Thoughts of the New Year

Anyone who has achieved something out of the ordinary has put in effort or lived their life in a way that is different from everybody else.

Seems obvious, if you do what everybody else does, expect to have what everybody else has.

You want an average relationship with your wife (50% divorce rate)?

You want an average body (overweight and pre-diabetic)?

You want to work with average people at an average office?

Make 2024 the year of not being average.

When you are writing your autobiography 50 years from now, what will you write about the beginning of 2024, what adjustments did you make to the way you live that are outside the norm and produce disproportionate, above average results.  

What adjustments did you make that made everybody think you were crazy or obsessed?

Is it reading an above average amount of books?

Waking up at an earlier than average time?

Drinking below average? Eating clean whole foods above average?

Pouring an above average amount of love into your wife and kids?

Saving an above average amount of money to invest?

What will define this year for you?

What changes can you make that will make those around you get better also, forcing them to take a look at what they can do to live better?

Setting goals and being authentic is not about being accepted by those around you, it’s about being true to yourself.

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