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the Law of the Lid

John C. Maxwell describes someone's ability to lead as the lid of that person’s level of effectiveness and potential.

Without strong leaders paired and a systemized way to recruit, develop, and deploy more of them, no company will be able to compete at the highest levels. Any organ

ization will start to stagnate once it hits the upper ability limits of its leadership processes and training.

Does your business feel slow and stagnant?

Does your life feel slow and stagnant?

The way out of that life-sucking limbo is reading, acquiring more knowledge and skills, meeting new people who are different from you, putting yourself in uncomfortable situations; start focusing and putting real attention on things you want to change… this is how you smash through your lid.

The space above your lid is your untapped potential.

What makes life exciting is continuing to push that limit while tracking progress along the way. It is not always easy, not always comfortable or pleasant, but you owe it to yourself to explore how much you got in the tank.

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