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Taking Risk: If Not You, then Who?

David Maisel had decades of experience as an executive in movie studios. He was looking for a solution to his issue with the industry: It takes millions of dollars and countless hours of time to create a movie that may be a flop at the box office... and there is absolutely no way to predict it… but sequels… sequel revenue is predictable. What if we could create a studio where every movie produced is a sequel?

This is how David Maisel architected, funded, and executed on turning a dying comic book company into the Marvel Cinematic Universe empire which eventually sold to Disney for $4 Billion.

Seems obvious looking back now but throughout his execution process Maisel was laughed at, mocked, disregarded, and couldn’t get anybody to answer the phone or take a meeting.

Giving up would have been much easier.

Only you can bring your vision into reality.

There will be doubters, haters, and naysayers as you fight through the status quo but if you know in your heart it's right, have the courage to take risks necessary to stand by your convictions.

If not you, then who?

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