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Make Your Way Through the Fog

How do you work through intense feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, inadequacy, and uncertainty?

You lean into them, because they are pointing you in the right direction.

Decide now what type of life you want to lead…

One full of safety, security, and sure things?

Or a life of risk, change, and unknown?

There is not a wrong answer here, nor is it black and white, your choices are a spectrum that can slowly change with the seasons of your life.

Each path has its pros and cons but once you make a choice, don’t cry about the unforeseen results, you and you alone chose that direction.

When we go through change, uncertainty and overwhelm are inevitable. The path forward is simply to control your emotions, prioritize, then execute one step down the road at a time. One solid controlled step at a time will get you where you are going faster than any flailing around due to external conditions.

When deciding on the life you want to live ask yourself this:

Is it ever the wrong move to make a bet on yourself?

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