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Friday Thoughts on Struggle

Mentally I was not in the best state this morning, a looming future of unknown in a brand new endeavor is not the easiest thing to deal with day after day. But how else would I want to live, would it be better if I received everything I ever wanted hours after I decided I wanted it? Better if all my biggest dreams and goals were realized immediately like a genie granting wishes? What type of person would I turn into if that were the case? Soft, entitled, without grit or the ability to solve a problem, a shell of a person. My highs and lows would begin to mesh together into one unfulfilling blur of a life, numb and meaningless. As you forge down your path use pain, discomfort, uncertainty, people saying you can’t as a compass pointing you in the right direction. The highs will never be worth it without the lows, and your accomplishments will be meaningless without the fight. Embrace the struggle.

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