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Defining Your Sunset

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Recently my business partners and I have decided to sunset a segment of our Single Family Residential business to look for the next opportunity. Shutting down a successful business without certainty of the next thing caused me to put a ton of pressure on myself to quickly go out and find it, which has been challenging and overwhelming.. I started using the perspective that I am writing my autobiography 50 years from now and reflecting on this time period in my life. This has been incredibly helpful for me during a time with no clear vision forward. My thought was this perspective may help somebody here find their first track, I journaled this one this morning:

I found that the harder I looked for opportunity and grind at my desk trying to find it, the more I felt lost. I shifted my mindset to stop the searching and start working on my own life force… exercise, meditation, personal goals, dreams, and adventure. I dug deeper into who I really am, and what I really want out of life. I thought about my relationship with money and power and wondered why I felt that nonstop hunger for more of both, I thought about the aggression and anger I feel when those two things start to slip away, I wondered if these feelings of negativity were necessary at all. I started to let go of all that control and spent time on things that are important to me and my mental clarity. As I did, my relationship with Jane, my kids, my parents, and my sisters all became stronger, I stopped doing things I didn't enjoy and started being hyper-aware of those that excite me. Once I entered this perpetual state of flow, the path forward from there became clear, obvious, and all started to fall into place.

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