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Health and Longevity

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

from the DLP Conference in Puerto Rico

I came to the conclusion recently that I need to start sharing and better documenting my takeaways from all of the incredible people I meet traveling to different conferences.

Summaries of the knowledge gained at these events help with mindset, growth, health, balance, pretty much everything we are all about.

I will do a better job at this in the future... these are my main takeaways from the Health and Longevity Conference, obviously there is a little bit of my spin on it but I think it will bring some value.


Health and Longevity

On Passion and Purpose, Lloyd Reeb, creator of the Halftime Institute is one of the best speakers I have seen. His main points: The pain of your past provides the passion for your future. Living life with purpose is most important for your kids. The best way for your kids to lead meaningful, fulfilling lives is to watch you do so, watch you make decisions based on meaning and purpose rather than money and laziness. What does winning look like in loving out your purpose, what are some metrics you can put in place to make sure you are on track? Create a financial finish line. Money and lifestyle are important only to the level you authentically desire to be at. Anything beyond that puts you in a position where are you are just keeping up with the Jones'... you are no longer working hard making money for yourself, you are doing it for the opinion of others, a great way to go down a road of unfulfillment, confusion, and ambiguity. 80th Birthday Exercise; visualize your 80th Birthday Party, write down the names of the people who you want to be there. Each of these people will be toasting you, next to their name, write what you would want them to say about you. Now you know the outcome you want, start today working on the actions that will get you there. Valuable vs. Priceless, make two lists, one is everything in your life that is valuable, the other is everything that is priceless. Pat’s Examples: Valuable: My house in Jax Beach Priceless: The memories I make with Nora spending purposeful one on one time with her every month. Metabolic Flexibility, Mark Sisson was one of the speakers at the event, to get a better idea of what this means listen to Episode 1624 of the Joe Rogan Podcast, here is my basic understanding: There is not a perfect diet, everybody is different in how their bodies react to food/supplementation. That being said, everybody should work on having Metabolic Flexibility which means your body/brain have the ability to run off either fat (where your liver converts the fat into ketones), or glucose (sugar). As humans living in 2022, most of our bodies no longer have this ability because we have a culture of 3 meals combined with sugary snacks eaten throughout the day. Living like this trains our body to be dependent on glucose so when we run out, our brain cries out for more through cravings rather than just starting to burn off body fat. Stem cell anti-aging treatments Founding Doctor, Dr. Vince Giampapa, and CEO Greg Shindler (Gobundance Guy) of Regenerative Medicine Institute (RMI) were both at the conference. They treat and talk about aging as a treatable condition which is an interesting perspective spin on aging in general. The basic concept is that our stem cells start to deteriorate and mutate as we get older, this is a natural evolutionary process taking place due to everybody needing to die one day in order to make way for newer younger generations. They also made the point that the reason people die is from disease/conditions caused by the weakening of our internal systems and stem cell quality, it's not aging that kills us, we end up dying from the byproduct of it. There are several different aspects to RMI’s business but at its core, they can harvest your stem cells then, restructure them if they are mutated, then put them back into your body. With the constant flow of highly functioning stem cells being circulated through your body, you will be able to stay younger and healthier, longer. Supplementation: You can use companies like Viome or 10X Health System to run texts that suggest what you should be using for supplementation based on your specific body type. I know several people that have really liked Viome. Gary Brecka was one of the speakers at the event, but he spent most of his time talking about Grant Cardone who is a partner in his company 10X Health System. To me they were more focused on making money and franchising rather than helping people, I would lean towards Viome. Blue Zones are areas of the world where people are living longer lives on average when compared to everybody else; small geographic areas where people are living longer lives. Community, having friends, being close to family is the key to longevity. Here are there 9 Blue Zone secrets to living longer:

  1. Move naturally, going on walks, exercise, sports with friends.

  2. The right outlook on life, focus on your mindset and purpose.

    1. Articulate your sense of purpose in writing, think about it often.

  3. Downshift - make time for downtime and meditation.

  4. Eat less, humans eat too much, you will likely live, think, and operate better at 80% of the calories you are currently consuming.

  5. Plant slant - In America meat is the main dish and veggies are the slides, in many of the blue zones, veggies were the main dish and meat was the side. This isn’t a suggestion to go full vegetarian or vegan, just eat less meat.

  6. A glass of wine at 5:00 every day.

  7. Spend your time with the right people, be authentic and live your truth.

  8. Always put your loved ones first.

  9. A feeling of connection and belonging in your community.

Leadership according to Charles Garcia, Managing Partner of high net worth family group R360: Two most important qualities of a leader:

  1. Self-awareness, authenticity

  2. Empathy

To be an effective leader, you need to differentiate yourself with authenticity. Not only will people be able to see right through a lack of authenticity, you will slowly be marching down a road that is not true to who you are… this can spiral into depression, aggressive amounts of work for things that don’t matter, and never truly knowing yourself. One of my personal takeaways was about Public Speaking: When you speak, it is not all about adding value and hammering people with your facts and ideas (a mistake I have made in the past), think about how you want to make the audience feel and tell stories that not only get your point across, but also invoke that emotion. To take people on an emotional journey with highs and lows with the result being them remembering the key points you are trying to make is true mastery. Other General Takeaways from the speakers: When you are older, you will die shortly after your purpose is depleted, without that deep sense of purpose, the body loses its will to live. It is important during our younger years that we take the time to identify what it is. Be authentic and live your truth. Authenticity is the highest wavelength brain wave frequency a human can output. The more comfortable you are, the more likely somebody will steal your dreams.

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