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Thoughts on Core Values

core values

Decision Making Series

Part 3 - Core Values

Successful organizations have core values.

Elite organizations live and die by their core values, they use them to hire and promote team members, guide the vision, and most importantly, to make decisions.

Having a clearly defined list of your personal or family core values will be your North Star to guide you through the decisions of day to day life.

Without that guiding light, your decision making will be subject to your current state of emotions or the opinions of others, you will become a slave to your impulses.

The best part about having defined core values is that it allows you to live without regret.

The decision that could have made you a lot of money but wasn’t aligned with what you value becomes easier to make. Core values will act as your shield against greed, envy, jealousy, and depression. They allow you to freely live a life of confidence and authenticity just by doing the work to articulate what they are.

The decisions you make every day shape your life.

Don’t leave the formation of your life to chance, take control, be intentional by defining what is important to you.

Every team member at Flight has defined personal core values, here are mine:

  • Loyalty

  • Courage

  • Equanimity and Peace

  • Grit

  • Balance

  • Humility

  • Perspective

  • Growth

  • Control

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